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Here you can find the most common injury and disease pattern

Get an overview of the injuries and pain patterns that we treat most often in our Dolomiti Sportclinic. This is just an excerpt of our versatile services for you.
AC luxation
Dislocations of the joint between the collarbone and scapula usually result from a direct fall onto the shoulder. In general, only in special cases of AC-dislocations and in young patients with a fresh injury an OP indication is given. Through new, dynamic fixation methods, the operative therapy of this injury is becoming more and more important.
Biceps tendon rupture
In addition to the frequent injury of the long biceps tendon in the region of the shoulder joint, the tear of the biceps tendon is often found in the elbow when abrupt force is applied. If the injury affects the dominant side, and if the patient is dependent on a strong forearm reverberation function, an approximate normal function can be restored only by an operative refixation of the tendon.
Rotator's cuff rupture
A rotator's cuff tear affects one or more tendons of the four muscles of the shoulder, the so-called rotator cuff. The injury can be triggered by an accident or have chronic causes. Depending on the extent and age of the patient, therapy options can be infiltrations, targeted physiotherapy or a surgical tendon reconstruction.
Shoulder arthrosis
When the cartilage substance in the shoulder joint wears off, it is called shoulder osteoarthritis. Limitations of movement, inflammation and painful stiffness of the joint and swelling are typical symptoms of this disease. Through consistent physiotherapy, deterioration can be slowed down, whereas in the final stadium, a prosthesis is installed.
Shoulder girdle fractures
Fractures around the shoulder girdle most commonly affect the collarbone and upper arm; so-called dislocation fractures are also associated with capsule and ligament injuries and practically always require surgical procedures with reduction of the dislocated fragments and fixation with screws and plates or nails.
Shoulder luxation
The so-called shoulder instability occurs when the capsular ligament apparatus of the shoulder joint is injured due to trauma or chronically overstretched. Depending on the degree of injury and the age of the patient, a reduction may be sufficient, or an operative treatment may be necessary to prevent movement restriction, pain and possibly further dislocation.

It hurts and twinges?

While participating in sport you have strained something, fallen from your bicycle or twisted something while running? It is important to seek immediate care. Come to us at the Dolomiti Sportclinic – we will take care of you.
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