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Here are some important details about the medical visit as well as about the surgical treatment at the Dolomiti Sportclinic in Ortisei.
In addition, you can find information about the reimbursement from your private health insurance.


Please bring your ID to the visit, your medical card, and any existing X-ray images and medical records. At the reception we will record your personal details and medical information, after that you will be provided a privacy document to be signed.

Do I get the medical report straight after the visit?

After the visit and the necessary diagnostic examinations, you will receive the written medical report including the diagnosis.

What do I need for a orthopedical visit?

When you arrive to Dolomiti Sportclinic we will ask you for an identity card in order to register your data. After this, you will get a form to sign for privacy reasons. Also existing diagnostic images and medical findings can be important for our doctors. The more information we receive, the more efficiently we can advise you and provide you with the appropriate services.


The Dolomiti Sportclinic has 2 modern ward with 5 double rooms each. The hospital stay can be outpatient, day hospital (up to 24 hours) or stationary for several days.

Can I stay at the Dolomiti Sportclinic for rehabilitation?

A stationary rehabilitation at our clinic is not possible. We only provide physiotherapy for ambulant patients. Before being discharged after surgery, our physiotherapist Ivan Peristi shows the first mobilization measures or the correct walking with crutches. If inpatient rehabilitation is necessary in the event of major surgeries, such as prostheses, we transfer our patients to a specialized rehabilitation center.

How long ist the hospitalization?

Surgeries can be performed in the following regimes:

DAY SERVICE: the patient leaves the clinic on the same day
DAY SURGERY / DAY HOSPITAL: the patient leaves the clinic within 24 hours and can staying over night if necessary
Ordinary admission: patient is hospitalized for more than 24 hours

What preliminary examinations are necessary before surgery?

After you decide, together with your treating specialist, for an operative procedure, the operation-consent must be signed and a consultation with the anesthetist is necessary. Should further preliminary examinations such as ECG, blood sampling or similar be advised, you can do them directly at our hospital.

Prices, direct coverage of costs and refunds

After the first orthopedic visit and discussion of the recommended therapy, we are happy to prepare a personalized cost estimate for you.
If you are a holder of a Private Health Insurance you can claim the refund of the medical expenses. We will provide you with the invoice and medical report to forward to your insurance company for the refund. In case of surgeries, we can ask fort a guarantee of payment directly from your health insurance company.

How much does a surgery cost?

We will provide you with a personal estimation of costs for the recommended surgery after a specialist consultation and discussion of the therapeutic measures.

Is there the possibility of a direct take-over of the costs from my Private Health Insurance?

Ambulant treatments are generally charged directly to the patient, unless there is a different agreement with the insurance. We will provide you with the invoice and medical report to send to your insurance company for the refund.
In case of surgery there are two possibilities:
– If we receive a guarantee of payment from your Private Health Insurance a direct billing is possible
– Otherwise you can hand in all the necessary documents to your insurance later and ask a refund

Our insurance cooperations

The Dolomiti Sportclinic has entered cooperation agreements with various insurance companies. There is the possibility of direct settlement with the private insurance upon receipt of a guarantee of payment, alternatively the patient can submit all the documents to his insurance company for the refund of the expenses.