Immediate professional treatment

In our clinic you will find a wide range of diagnostic and therapeutic procedures for different orthopedic injuries and illnesses. Our range of services enables immediate and individual treatment of children and adults, which includes both conservative and surgical methods.


As the largest joint of the human body, the knee joint is the most frequently injured one in the event of a sports accident. Meniscus, cross and side ligament injuries as well as consequent damage to the cartilage are seen in all winter sports as well as in all ball, contact and running sports.
In addition to the patella, bony injuries refer mainly to the tibial plateau (shin bone head) and the lower limbs. In this case, torsional forces are the decisive factors for the severity of the injury.
The specialist provides the exact diagnosis of the injury by clinical examination, assisted by X-ray and possibly magnetic resonance imaging (MRI); so that the appropriate treatment can be initiated without delay …

Disease patterns of the knee

Surgical treatments in the field of knee surgery

  • Meniscus operations
  • Reconstruction of anterior, posterior cruciate and other ligaments with own or donor tendons
  • Ligament reinsertion in case of chronical or traumatic patella luxation
  • Partial or total endoprosthesis of the knee
  • Cartilage therapy
  • Spongiosaplastic
  • Microfracturing
  • Cartilage transplantation, cartilage culture and implantation (ACI-MACI)


Elbow pain can have very different causes that are either acute or chronic. They are caused by incorrect or excessive loads, by inflammation or as a result of an accident. After careful diagnosis, we recommend and carry out appropriate therapeutic measures.

Disease patterns of the elbow

Surgical treatments in the field of elbow surgery

  • Treatment of fractures
  • Elbow arthroscopy in case of cartilage damage, free joint parts, plica etc.
  • Tennis-elbow, so-called epicondylitis
  • Artifical joint implantation in case of arthritis and arthrosis

Ankle and foot

Tendon injuries in the ankle area are typical injuries in the ball and jumping sport, and mainly affect the ligaments on the outer nostrils. Achilles tendon injuries are seen above all in the case of pre-existing overloads and sudden sprinting or jumping. Ankle fractures, hip and heel bone fractures are also frequent and usually followed by severe injuries, which require optimal specialist treatment.
The specialist team of foot surgery around Dr. Gurndin covers the entire conservative and surgical treatment spectrum.

Disease patterns of the ankle and foot

Surgical treatments in the field of foot and ankle surgery

  • Osteosynthesis of fractures
  • Joint substitution and joint fusion
  • Reconstruction and suture of ligaments
  • Correction of foot deformities (hallux valgus, hammer toe etc.)
  • Correction of flat food in childs and adults
  • Haglund-exostosis
  • Resection of Morton Neurom

Hip and pelvis

Discomfort in the area of ​​the hip joint occurs mainly in advanced age. Typically, a hip arthrosis is diagnosed, which in most cases is treated with a joint replacement, so-called prosthesis. However, young patients may also be affected by persistent hip pain or severe injuries resulting from sports injuries at a higher speed. Our specialist Dr. Demetz, who over the years has acquired a profound expertise in hip surgery and especially in hip prosthesis, mainly treats abnormal changes in the hip joint.

Disease patterns of the hip and pelvis

Surgical treatments in the field of hip and pelvis surgeries

  • Treatment of pelvis and hip fractures
  • Endoprosthesis of the hip
  • Revision and change of prosthesis
  • Hip arthroscopy

Spinal column

Back pain has become the popular disease of the 21st century and occurs in both young and elderly patients. The specialist team of the spinal column around Dr. Kamjunke treats back pain conservatively by osteoptic therapy, infiltration and adaptation of shoes. Dr. Rigotti, on the other hand, concentrates exclusively on spinal column surgery.

Disease patterns of the spinal column

Surgical treatments in the field of spinal cord surgery

  • Stabilization of recent or old vertebra fracture
  • Treatment of herinated discs
  • Spondylolisthesis
  • Narrowing of the spinal canal
  • Treatment of tumors at the spinal cord

Hand and wrist

Wrist and hand injuries are very diverse, ranging from simple wounds to tendon and ligament injuries, bone fractures and joint injuries. Especially the hand is immensely important in the daily life, which is why the rapid restoration of an optimal function is our top priority. The specialist team of hand surgery around Dr. Bizzotto covers the entire conservative and surgical treatment spectrum.

Disease patterns of the hand

Surgical treatments in the field of hand surgery

  • Treatment of hand and wrist fractures
  • Reconstruction and reinsertion of tendons and ligaments
  • Treatment of skier’s thumb
  • Treatment of arthrosis at the thumb’s joint
  • Decompression of the metacarpal tunnel
  • Artificial joint replacements at hand and fingers
  • Reconstruction of bones in cases of pseudarthrosis and deformities
  • Removal of lumps
  • Morbus Dupuytren

Upper and lower leg

The thigh bones carry the weight of the upper body and are the heaviest and longest bones of the human body. The thigh muscles stabilize and are responsible for knee flexion. Injuries in the thigh muscles are triggered by overloading and abrupt movements, where a muscle fiber rupture often occurs. This is also often the case in the lower leg, especially in the calf area. On the other hand, upper or lower limbs are usually seen within the framework of high-speed trauma, such as in the case of car and motorcycle accidents or skiing.

Disease patterns of the upper and lower leg

Surgical treatments in the field of femoral and lower leg surgery

  • Closed or open reduction and internal fixation of fractures
  • Corrective osteotomies of deformities and defective positions


Injuries to the shoulder may affect both the actual shoulder joint (joint between the upper arm and the shoulder blade socket), or the shoulder-joint or acromioclavicular joint (joint between the sacrum and scapular procession = acromion).
Typically, injuries such as AC-luxation, shoulder dislocation, clavicle fracture, upper arm head fracture occur during the crash on the prolonged stretched arm as in the fall off the bike, from the horse, but also during ski and snowboard crashes or downhill or motorcycle sport.

The earlier a suitable treatment begins, the faster and better the function of the shoulder strap can be restored.

Disease patterns of the shoulder

Surgical treatments in the field of shoulder surgery

  • Arthroscopic and open reconstruction of the rotator’s cuff
  • Osteosynthesis of fractures
  • Endoprothesis of the shoulder
  • Revison and change of prothesis
  • Treatment of impingement syndrom, shoulder stiffness etc.