Get an overview of the injuries and pain patterns that we treat most often in our Dolomiti Sportclinic. This is just an excerpt of our versatile services for you.

Rupture of the Achilles tendon

“It hit me like a lightning bolt” report the patients when they tell of the crack of the Achilles tendon, which typically occurs in abrupt sprint and jump loads with a damaged tendon. An Achilles tendon rupture can also be chronic. In both cases, different therapy methods are used.

Ankle sprain

Fresh ligament injuries are treated in a stage-oriented manner: the tear of one or two of the external ankle bands usually shows a very good result with functional therapy (ice, tape / bandage treatment and physiotherapy). If, however, unfavorable concomitant injuries or chronic ligament instability are present, an operative intervention is indicated.

Deformities of an adult's foot

Hallux valgus, hallux rigidus, splayfoot, hammer toe, heel spur, flat or hollow foot and many more are common misalignments that we observe in our patients. After a thorough clarification, the team around our specialist Dr. Gurndin offers a wide range of conservative treatments alongside surgical corrections.

Deformities of an infant's foot

Our goal is to maintain the best possible function of the feet from the young age and as long as possible! That is why we take special care of our little patients from the very beginning, observing the growing feet in a stress-free atmosphere and monitoring the occurring changes of deformities such as flat foot, club foot, pigeon toes and more.

Ankle fractures

Ankle fractures, foot root fractures and corresponding ligament injuries are common in seemingly harmless traumas, but should not be underestimated. Each type of treatment, both conservative and operative, should pursue the goal of restoring the patient’s ability to walk and thus his independence as quickly as possible.

Stress fractures

Stress fractures are caused by repeated overloading. Thus, in an active footballer with congenital hollow foot, for example, the already overburdened metatarsal bone is exposed to a recurring bending stress, which initially causes pain after exercise, subsequently to pain and swelling and eventually leading to the so-called fatigue breakage.

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