Get an overview of the injuries and pain patterns that we treat most often in our Dolomiti Sportclinic. This is just an excerpt of our versatile services for you.

Hand and lower arm fractures

Our specialist team of hand surgery covers the entire range of conservative and surgical treatments for the hand. Especially for fractures diagnosed in this area, e.g. radius fractures, scaphoid fractures, metacarpal fractures, and finger fractures we employ state-of-the-art mini-invasive treatment techniques.

Carpal tunnel syndrome

In a CTS syndrome, the median nerve, which supplies the thumb, index and middle fingers, is trapped in the transition from the wrist to the hand. Typical symptoms include numbness or tingling in the area of ​​the affected fingers. Carpal tunnel syndrome is especially common in 40-60 year old women.

Morbus Dupuytren

Typical symptoms of Dupuytren’s disease are the formation of initially inconspicuous nodules on the palm of the hand, usually on the ring finger, which over time can cause the finger to be unable to fully stretch. In the course of the consultation with our specialists, we offer various treatment options for these cases.

Trigger finger

A triffer finger is a snap-on phenomenon in which the affected finger remains in the folded position and can only be stretched by snapping it. Ring, middle finger or thumb are most often affected. Infiltrations can relieve the symptoms over a long period of time, otherwise surgery is recommended.

Skier's thumb

In the so-called ski-thumb injury, the ski-pole loop pulls leverage on the base of the thumb, resulting in ligament rupture or even fracture in the insertion area of the ligament. There is a need for treatment, especially in the case of bony band tears with a tilted bone fragment, in order to achieve free mobility and stable joint function.

Hand cyst

A ganglion is a cyst that is filled with water, and most commonly forms on the back of the hand. Causes can be the wear or overload in the area of the ligaments and tendons. In the most common cases, a minor surgical procedure is the best solution, whereby such cysts can be recurrent.

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