Personalized rehabilitation at highest level

When it comes to orthopedic and sports rehabilitation, our physiotherapists in Bolzano and Merano, working as a team with doctors, set as their ultimate goal the complete recovery of functional and sport-specific gestures. Physiotherapy at Dolomiti Sportclinic accompanies the patient from the operating theatre to the resumption of all work and sports activities.

Orthopedic rehabilitation

Orthopaedic rehabilitation is essential and serves to enhance the operation. This can be both pre-operatively, to reach the operation in the best condition, and post-operatively, to return to everyday life faster and better without complications.

Returning to work and sports activities in the shortest possible time is the priority of our physiotherapists in Bolzano.

  • pre-operative
  • post-operative
  • acute and chronic tendon pathologies
  • acute and chronic osteoarticular pathologies
  • muscle injuries

Sport rehabilitation

Sports physiotherapy at Dolomiti Sportclinic is based on principles whose main objective is the return to sport in the safest and shortest possible time.

As all the work is based on scientific knowledge, the patient is monitored through a constant dialogue between the doctor and the physiotherapist.

Sports rehabilitation at our centre in Bolzano ensures, in the aftermath of an injury, the achievement of functions and abilities that will allow the athlete to return safely to sport, together with their coach and trainer.

  • return to sport
  • restoration of strength, power, mobility and proprioception
  • isoinertial training

Orthopedic manual therapy (OMT)

This is a specialization of physiotherapy that involves advanced skills in the treatment of musculoskeletal disorders through clinical reasoning in line with the latest scientific knowledge and manipulative techniques.

All our physiotherapists in Bolzano hold the first level Master’s degree, that meets the international training standard of the International Federation for Orthopedic Manipulative Physical Therapists (IFOMPT).

  • fascial and joint manipulations
  • advanced clinical reasoning
  • therapeutic exercise

Functional tests

This is a series of tests to assess the functional condition of the professional or amateur athlete.

From the data obtained, the physiotherapist identifies risk factors that may lead to injury or find deficits and targets to work on.

These are used throughout the post-operative rehabilitation process to monitor the work performed and support doctors in prognostic terms, especially to determine if and when a patient will be able to return to competition or sporting activities.

  • athletic level assessment
  • monitoring post-operative recovery
  • elaboration of customized prevention program

Instrumental therapy

Instrumental therapy helps the patient and the physiotherapist in the first phase of rehabilitation for short-term pain reduction and in the management of chronic musculoskeletal problems.

  • electrotherapy
  • magnetotherapy
  • game-ready” cryotherapy
  • “Human Tecar” therapy
  • IASTM, Ergon Technique


Prevention is carried out in the presence of an experienced physiotherapist and tailored to the patient by identifying the problems that may lead to an injury and the goals on which to work.

  • customised therapeutic exercise programme
  • postural gymnastics
  • “check-up” at the start of the winter/summer sports season

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