Dominik Paris leaves the Dolomiti Sportclinic in Ortisei on January 24th 2020 on crutches. The ski racer had a knee injury during training in Kitzbühel in Austria. During the fall on January 21st he tore his cruciate ligament. After the appropriate examinations and consideration of all possibilities, he decided to have the surgery done on the following day at the Dolomiti Sportclinic from the doctor Dr. Arnold Gurndin.
After the operation, Dominik Paris looks optimistically and confidently ahead. He is determinate to take one step at a time. In the beginning there will be time to rest, then he will gradually start with the rehab and the corresponding training. Now, for the first time in many years, he has time to spend with the family. He also thanks for the many messages he received from athletes and teammates. That gave him pleasure.
The surgeon Dr. Arnold Gurndin says the operation went very well. Dominik was lucky to have only had a cruciate ligament rupture. Cartilage and meniscus are intact and the joint works perfectly. So the chances are very good to get back to where he was.


In the picture from left to right: the Medical Director Dr. Arnold Gurndin, the ski star Dominik Paris and the Managing Director Anton Gurndin

On the 17th of December 2019 the inauguration of the new Dolomiten Trauma Clinic in Tesero in Val di Fiemme was celebrated. Many people from the surroundings went to the new facility. The priest Don Massimiliano gave the blessing before Massimo Ruffinella of the Trauma Medical Clinic, Anton Gurndin of the Dolomiti Sportclinic and Markus Hager of the Brixsana welcomed all the guests. It was possible to visit all the rooms, including the x-ray room and the MRI room. Erich from Eggerhof provided the guests with excellent pasta dishes. There was no shortage of drinks to make a toast to the new clinic that offers a professional and immediate medical service to injured patients from Val di Fiemme and its surroundings.

All year round our focus lies on the wellbeing of the patient. Once a year it is all about having fun. For our company trip we always try to find very special and exciting activities. This year we went to the Lake of Garda, where the highlight was a Paint Ball match. We played in 4 teams where it was important to be fast and slick, to have a good strategy and a good team spirit. After that we had a spectacular dinner on a hill above the lake with an amazing view and delicious fish. To end the day we played a quiz game in teams with interesting and funny questions about the Dolomiti Sportclinic.

The Brennercom Sailing Week in Croatia will take place from the 4th to the 11th of May 2019. Twenty motivated teams will stand the challenge. This year for the first time one team is sponsored by Dolomiti Sportclinic. We wish all the best and great fun to our guys.

From spring 2019 the specialized doctors of the Dolomiti Sportclinic will offer orthopedic visits in Martinsbrunn in Merano. Whether long-term complaints or fresh sports injuries, thanks to the know-how of the doctors and the extensive orthopedic diagnostic imaging (x-rays, MR and ultrasound), an all-round supply is guaranteed. If necessary, surgical treatments can be performed immediately afterwards at the Dolomiti Sportclinic in Ortisei.

The first price of the female athlete of the year went to the ski racer Hanna Schnarf.
Ski racer Dominik Paris was at the second place for the male athlete of the year.


On the 30th of April the doctors and the staff of the Dolomiti Sportclinic went for a rafting excursion on the River Rienz, where they had the chance to show their sports and team building abilities. After lunch the adventure day got even better with GRS Heli Doctors who took the group up on the air for helicopter flights.
An adventurous and unforgettable day!