The computed tomography (CT-scan) is a computerized system in radiology that allows us to reproduce three-dimensional images of specific body sections. Thanks to the CT, we are not only able to detect certain diseases, but above all we can better assess the extent of the lesion. The three-dimensional images obtained after the respective reconstruction process have a high diagnostic value that sustains us particularly during the surgical treatment of certain fractures.

The above image was extracted from a 3D reconstruction of a CT scan of the tibia where the fracture is clearly visible.


The computed tomography machine

The correct behaviour to avoid complications:

  • keep the arm elevated
  • move fingers and free articulations
  • avoid jolting and buckling despite wearing a cast or a splint
  • do not modify or remove the cast: in case of pressure lesions show it to your doctor
  • follow the doctor’s indications regarding the wearing and removing of the splint
  • keep the cast/splint dry and clean
  • apply ice on the open part of the cast

For injuries of the lower limbs follow the indications of the doctor for the thrombosis prophylaxis


In case of irregular behaviour, the following complications may incur:

  • intense  pain
  • prickling or paralisis
  • itching or redness
  • loss of movement of the free articulation/fingers

In case of warning signals do not hesitate to contact the Dolomiti Sportclinic or one of the nearby hospitals.


On Friday, the 6th of July 2018 the rescue center in S. Cristina, which had been planned for 18 years, was officially blessed and inaugurated. The  multifunctional structure for the benefit and safety of the whole valley is now the new center of the White and Red Cross. Moreover, it offers space for the mountain rescue and for the dog division Alpine Dogs. In the structure, the White and the Red Cross each have 3 bedrooms with multiple beds, a kitchen and a lounge. Up to 12 rescue vehicles will find their place in the new building behind the glass doors on the ground floor. The staff and volunteers can conveniently park their car in the large underground garage. Other news acquisitions inside the building are the washing system for rescue vehicles, as well as, the in-house laundry and the disinfection room. The top floor of the building is used as a large training room for courses, meetings or first aid exercises.