Dr. med. Arnold Gurndin

Specialist in Orthopedics and Sports Traumatology
Trauma and Orthopedic surgeon

Medical Director of the Dolomiti Sportclinic

In 2010 Dr. Arnold Gurndin founded the Dolomiti Sportclinic with the vision of becoming the leading institution in the Dolomites for sports traumatology and orthopedics. As medical director of the Dolomiti Sportclinic and ambitious surgeon the clinic has continuously grown under his medical management.

"Make the impossible happen!"

Range of services

Foot surgery

  • Forefoot corrections (Hallux valgus, Hallux rigidus, hammer toe, playfoot)
  • Hindfoot corrections (kinked flatfoot in children and adults, concave foot, post-traumatic deformities and arthrosis)
  • Impingement syndromes/ Morton Neurom
  • Tendon surgeries (Achilles tendon, peroneus tendon, tib. post. tendon, tendon transfer surgeries)


Cartilage replacement surgeries

  • Knee joint
  • Ankle joint
  • Elbow joint
  • Toe joints