Dott. Julian Pioner

Manual therapy
Sports physiotherapy

A lifelong lover of winter sports, mountains and sports traumatology, Julian combined his
passions and personal experiences to become a physiotherapist.
Finding specific solutions based on scientific evidence forms the basis of his clinical reasoning,
with the aim of choosing the best treatment to manage and solve the problem.
Julian as an alpine ski instructor and in past seasons as physiotherapist for the Italian National Ski Jumping team had the opportunity to work directly in the field, also delving into training and injury prevention.

"My goal is to find the most effective way from the moment of injury until the return to the track."

Experience and specializations

  • Physiotherapist Italian National Ski Jumping Team, Men’s A+B Team (Seasons 2021/22 and
  • Physiotherapist youth sector FC Südtirol (Season 2018/19)
  • Master’s degree in “Manual Therapy for Physiotherapists,” EdiAcademy, Milan (2021)
  • International Master’s degree in “Rehabilitation, Re-education and Return to Performance in
    Sport,” EdiAcademy, Milan (2022)
  • Alpine Ski Instructor (2022)
  • Federal Coach of Level I in Alpine Skiing (2023)
  • Physiotherapy and first aid assistance during the course of the race:
    – Dolomites Saslong Half Marathon (2023)
    – Ultra Sky Race Bolzano (2019)
    – Seiser Alm Half Marathon (2017)
    – FINA Diving Gran Prix Bolzano (2017)